The Louis Vuitton Series

There are nine challengers representing six countries vying for the Louis Vuitton Cup and the right to race the Defender, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron's Team New Zealand for the America's Cup. The next America's Cup season begins in Auckland when racing for the Louis Vuitton Cup which starts on October 1, 2002.  Click here to read all about the America's Cup history.

LV Series Round Robin #1
October 1, 2002 – October 11, 2002
Each team races each other once and receives one point per win

LV Series Round Robin #2
October 22, 2002 – November 01, 2002
Each team races each other once and receives one point per win. The eight boats with the most points at the end of the round advance to the Quarter Finals

LV Series Quarter Finals # 1
November 12, 2002 – November 30, 2002
The top four boats are paired off in best-of-seven matches, with the winners advancing to the next round. The remaining four boats also race best-of-seven matches, and the winners are paired against the losing boats from the top pairings in best-of-seven repechage matches.  The two winners of the repechage advance to the next round.

LV Series Semi Finals # 1
December 9, 2002 – December 28, 2002
The top two boats are paired off in a best-of-seven match, with the winner advancing to the challenger finals round.  The remaining two boats also race a best-of-seven match, and the winner is paired against the losing boat from the top pairing in a best-of-seven repechage matches.  The winner of the repechage advances to the challenger final

The 31st America’s Cup
February 15, 2003 – March 01, 2003
The winner of the four-month long Louis Vuitton Challenger elimination series will challenge Team New Zealand in a nine-race series for the right to defend the America’s Cup.  The winner of the America’s Cup will determine when and where the next event is held.

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