The Atmospheric Studies Group (ASG) at TRC provides research and consulting services in both the environmental and physical sciences. We specialize in air quality model development, atmospheric boundary layer research, air quality permitting and licensing, and regulatory consulting.

ASG's principals and supporting staff are highly qualified scientists and engineers with many years of professional experience. We have developed and evaluated numerous meteorological and dispersion models for both public agencies and private industries. These ongoing efforts serve to maintain our position at the leading edge of modeling and scientific technology and better enable us to assist clients in planning for and solving environmental problems. In addition, ASG's commitment to developing and using the latest scientific advances is supported by our strong staff credentials in managing and conducting environmental research projects and by a corporate recognition that command of state-of-the-science technology is essential in resolving today's complex environmental issues.

For questions or comments, please contact asg@trcsolutions.com.
~ Last updated: April 13, 2011 ~